Item: E4
Mid to late war Luftwaffe Issue ‘Tropical’ M43 Cap. Intact but stained in places and slightly grubby. Machine woven Luftwaffe Eagle & Swastika slightly worn. Peak made from compressed paper/card as standard. Slight pen/pencil mark to the top of the cap (see picture) but hardly noticeable. No visible markings inside although I estimate the cap to be size 58.

Item: E7
Relic Luftwaffe ‘M40’ Stahlhelm (Steel Helmet). Original blue-grey and Luftwaffe Eagle & Swastika still visible. Liner has long since gone but the liner band still remains. Helmet size I would say is ‘64’. A haunting relic that came from France.

Item: E10
World War 1 issue ‘M18’ Steel Helmet ‘Stahlhelm’ Shell with POST WAR liner which can be taken out if required. The shell is named, although I cannot make out the name. The M18 has ‘straight’ lugs and no lower rivets, unlike the M16. Original field grey paint. Nice clean solid shell with no rust. Makers stamped ‘SI.66’ for the maker: Eisenhuette Silesia, Paruschowitz Oberschlesien. Size 66 shell. Shell dome is batch marked 16508. Becoming hard to find in good condition.

Item: E9
World War 1 issue ‘M16’ Steel Helmet ‘Stahlhelm’ Shell ONLY, no liner. Original field grey paint inside, but outside painted mat black at some point in its life. Scratched and scuffed paintwork. Nice solid shell. Makers stamped ‘G62’ for the maker: Gebrueder Gnuechtel A.G., Lauter. Becoming hard to find! Photograph not included.

Item: E1
Wehrmacht Infantry NCO’s Peaked Cap in very nice condition. Celluloid diamond has long since worn off, has a few tiny moth nips that are hardly noticed but otherwise a nice and clean cap complete with cockade, nice crisp detailed cap Eagle & Swastika and leather chinstrap. I would estimate the size as 57/58. The size stamp is only just visible but I can only make out the '5' through wear.

Item: E13
‘NSDAP ‘Ortsgruppenleiter’ (Local Group Leader) Visor Peaked Cap. Good condition throughout although slightly grubby on the back around the top edge and under the visor (see pictures) and with a few fabric ‘scrapes’ in the same area. Celluloid diamond intact. I would estimate the size as 58. Ortsgruppenleiter was a Nazi Party political rank and title, which existed between 1930 and 1945. The term first came into being during the German elections of 1930, and was held by the head Nazi of a town or city, or in larger cities, of a neighbourhood, for the purposes of election district organisation. After 1933, through the process of Gleichschaltung, the position of Ortsgruppenleiter evolved into the Nazi leader of a large town or city or of a city district.

Item: E2
Very nice ‘M35’ pattern ‘Q64’ Stahlhelm BUT the 2nd Pattern ‘SS’ Runic Shield Decal, in my opinion anyway, is a post war copy and later addition. The helmet has a 3-colour camo paint finish and complete with leather liner and chinstrap although the liner could do with some treatment as very stiff. Stamped with ‘Q64’ for the maker: Quist. G.m.b.H. Esslingen. 64: denotes for medium head size 56-57. Has a slightly indistinct number, which I make out as DN322? Would be great for re-enactment. The SS decal I have left as is, and the choice of removal will remain the buyers.

Item: E6

Item: E3
Seldom seen Werk-Luftschutz (Factory Air Defence) Factory Helmet from the BMW Motorenwerke A.G. Munchen. Maker stamped RL2-40/2 (1940). Complete with Liner and chinstrap, although liner is damaged in one place (see picture) and is missing the drawstring. Liner sized at 58. About 98% of the original blue-black paint intact. A few small dents in the top front.

Item: E5
Nice pair of officer quality Wehrmacht leather ‘Jackboots’ in very good condition although could do with a polish. Complete with internal pulling loops and side belt & buckle. Original should intact although well used (see pictures). I would estimate them to be size 42 (UK 8) but will include measurements for accuracy. Height from heel to top 43cm, width widest point of soul and length from heel to toe 31cm.

Item: E8
‘M43’ Helmet Stahlhelm Shell in good clean condition but with no liner. Maker marked ‘ET’ for the maker: Eisenhüttenwerk Thale / Herz. Germany. And with a slightly indistinct shell size due to thick paint, which I think reads ‘62’. Nice solid example.

Item: E11
World War 1 issue ‘M16’ Steel Helmet ‘Stahlhelm’ Shell only with NO liner. Original field grey paint. Nice clean solid shell with no rust. Makers stamped ‘NJ.62’ for the maker: Vereinigte Deutsche Nickelwerke, Schwerte i/Westfalen. Size 62 shell. Shell dome is batch marked R224. Becoming hard to find in good condition.

Item: E12
‘Feuerschutzpolizei’ (Fire Protection Police) M34 Helmet in good condition. Has one tongue missing from leather liner and slight crack in silver comb to top front of helmet. The Feuerschutzpolizei was a fire fighter unit in Nazi Germany and a branch of Nazi Germany's Ordnungspolizei, formed in 1938 when the German municipal professional fire brigades were transferred to the national police